Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The First One

I recently realized that I have been back in the states from my world-wind adventures in France for nearly a full year. I never finished my old blog, which is sad, but between my broken computer and lack of free time, it was inevitable. However, I also realized that I still have adventures, and am getting ready to have some more as I enter the world of semi-adulthood by graduating from college.

Something that goes along with being an almost graduate is noticing a lot of 'lasts'. I had my last undergraduate class last week. I wrote my last paper for one class, and turned in the last assignment for another. Yesterday was my last dead day before finals week, and tonight was my last late night breakfast in the Jewell cafeteria, where the professors serve the students a late night meal of breakfast-y things, almost as an apology for being the reasons we're up so late and needing nourishment. The rest of this week promises to hold many more lasts, and they fill me with a great sense of accomplishment and at the same time a sort of sad longing. I'm sure that anyone who has gone through a transition in their life can empathize with this strange duality in emotions.

Strangely it was the realization that I've been back from France for a whole year, and neglected my old blog for even longer, that led me realize all of these lasts I'm experiencing right now are headed directly toward even more firsts. Some of them have already happened, such as my first application to live in an apartment (and acceptance!), accepting my first real job, and writing my first new blog post! More will come and I will try my hardest to write up witty narrations of each new adventure that comes my way.

Until next time, Peace.

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