Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh yeah... 'Adventures'

I don't think that I am the only person who gets bogged down in the everyday. This is one unfortunate part of being a living creature that requires certain things on a regular basis to maintain the "living" part of its existance. I must go to work during my scheduled hours to have money to buy the food that I will eat on a semi-regular basis, along with the food that I must feed to my dog. The same dog that requires regular walks and exercise as well as the trips to somewhere grassy to relieve herself. Throw in the solid 8 hours of sleep adulthood affords me, and it's easy to fall into a routine to fit it all in. And falling into a routine is exactly what I fear I am doing.

Only one problem... I'm a young woman with relativly minimal responsibilities, or at least my responsibilities could be mobile if I wanted them to be, and I'm dying to mix things up. For me, getting into a routine kind of feels like slowly getting stuck. Throw in a general sense of unrest at having remained in Missouri for far too long... I haven't left the state since I visited the 'rents for Thanksgiving, and for all intents and purposes I've been reliably living here since I got back from France two and half years ago... and my inner nomad is screaming louder and louder to pick up and GET OUT!

Only one problem... I just don't know where I would get in after I'm done getting out of here. I kind of like Kansas City. Sure, it could be warmer. Yes, more mountains here would be awesome. It'd be nice if a plethora of quality single guys were trying to knock down my door. And, lastly, it really could use a nice little French bakery that just happened to have an apartment for rent right above it, hell I'll even settle for around the corner from it. So what if I can't find these things here, I'll be damned if I know where I COULD find them! And, here happens to have some friends that I'm fond of, even if I don't see them enough, a job that pays and isn't too much like a routine, and a growing sense of familiarity that I'm not sure I want to give up just because of my stupid, screaming nomad. Thus, I tumble right back to routine... sigh.

Therefore, my recent plight has become one of finding things to do that afford my inner nomad some wandering time and a little of that adventure I'm supposed to be having. Getting a dog has helped. I emensly enjoy having a four-legged friend around. Not only does Dori provide fun and silliness like only a puppy can, she presents a healthy dose of challenge into my life, which is something I'd started to miss since graduation. And, she gives me an excuse to do things like go to a dog park and be outside, even in the middle of winter. I've also been enjoying Geohashing. If you're unfamiliar with the concept this is where it comes from, this will tell you more about it, and this will enable you to find the current, or any previous, geohashing points in your own area. Simply move the map to your region, enter the day you want to Geohash on and then click on the map near to where you live and it'll pop up with a set of coordinates for you to go hunt down. Be warned, this doesn't work more than a day in advance as part of the equation requires the opening stock market value for the day before your exploring day. I've only been twice, and most of the area around Kansas City is farms, so not much to explore, but I've enjoyed having a reason to drive a little distance and the possibility of finding something exciting or interesting on the way. I imagine this endeavor will be exponentially more fun come spring/summer or even next fall, in the least my pictures will look less monochromatic.

Those are the only viable solutions I've come up with on my lonesome, but if any of the three of you that read this blog have a suggestion or two, I'd love to hear them.

Well I'm out of stuff to say, so until next time, Peace.

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